Subtitle European Film Festival, Kilkenny

European Film Festival, Kilkenny.

Next festival: 24–30 Nov 2014


European Film Festival, Kilkenny.

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About the festival

Subtitle… Where cinema speaks one language.

kilkenny welcomes the return of ireland’s only film festival of subtitled European films – and a roll call of filmmakers and stars.

SUBTITLE is Ireland’s newest film festival and a unique opportunity to catch some of the most popular European films that can’t be found at the multiplex. And a chance to meet the filmmakers and stars. If you’re looking for provocative, funny, accessible and smart European films, then SUBTITLE is for you!

This festival brings together a feast of films that will make you see cinema in a whole new way. Many of the films in the SUBTITLE programme have never been screened theatrically in Ireland.

Inky black comedies, powerful dramas, super smart thrillers, rapturous musicals, terrifying horrors; SUBTITLE has them all. They just happen not to be in English!

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Let the Right One In. The Killing. The Bridge. Borgen…
Many of the brilliant films and TV shows we’ve all watched in the last few years have come from Europe – and then been re-made by a Hollywood studio. Do you want to see where all this writing, acting and filmmaking talent comes from?

SUBTITLE’s first edition in November 2012 was a huge success. It showcased some of the finest films and most talented filmmakers from across Europe and used Kilkenny city as its impressive backdrop. It was a strong programme of 44 films across 70 screenings and there were also a number of free public talks and events from some of Europe’s leading writers, directors, composers and actors.

SUBTITLE 2012 closed on the Sunday evening with the inaugural Angela European Film Awards , where European talent across disciplines was celebrated – from actors, directors and composers to production designers, casting directors and beyond. The City was lit with stars from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Romania, The Netherlands, Belgium… Among them GAME OF THRONES star Nicolaj Coster Waldau and THE HOBBIT’S Mikael Persbrandt . Also enjoying the awards alongside their European counterparts were many Irish guests, among them LOVE/HATE’s Robert Sheehan and Charlie Murphy and also Amy Huberman, Pauline McLynn and Tom Hickey.

This year we will again be joined by leading acting and filmmaking talent from all over Europe who will visit Kilkenny for their screenings and to celebrate the second Angela European Film Awards on Sunday 1st December.

So join us this November. Come and see the films, meet the makers and admire the talent!

Subtitle. Talent written right there on the screen.

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