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Give Me Liberty Dir. Kirill Mikhanovsky

  • USA
  • 110 mins
  • 2019
  • Comedy
  • Colour

14:30 Fri 29 Nov 2019 Watergate Theatre €12 EXPIRED

  • give-me-liberty-still-1-46307642932-o-h-2019-1200

Main Cast: Maxim Stoyanov, Darya Ekamasova, Chris Galust

Vic, a hapless young Russian American, drives a special needs transportation vehicle in Milwaukee. Already running late on a day when street protests have broken out, and on the verge of being fired, he reluctantly agrees to ferry his grandfather and a dozen elderly Russians to a funeral. And when he stops in a predominantly African American neighborhood to pick up Tracy, a woman with motor neurone disease, Vic’s day goes from bad to worse. Inspired by experiences from his own youth, Cannes Critics’ Week-acclaimed director Kirill Mikhanovsky delivers a hilarious, touching and life-affirming comedy. One of the key Russian characters is played by Darya Ekamasova (The Americans) and she will be in Kilkenny to present the film.