Subtitle European Film Festival, Kilkenny

European Film Festival, Kilkenny.
Next festival: 24 — 31 Nov 2014


European Film Festival, Kilkenny. Next festival: 24 — 31 Nov 2014

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About the festival

  • Holly Carey, Artistic Director, SUBTITLE European Film Festival, Kilkenny
  • Holly Carey, Artistic Director

Subtitle… Where cinema speaks one language.

SUBTITLE is Ireland’s newest film festival and a unique opportunity to catch some of the most popular European films that can’t be found at the multiplex. And a chance to meet their makers and stars. If you’re looking for provocative, funny, accessible and smart European films, then SUBTITLE is for you. Focusing on films from the Scandinavian, Benelux, Central and Eastern European countries – countries who produce a max of fifty films a year – this festival brings together a feast of films that will make you see cinema in a whole new way.

Subtitled films are all serious, difficult and end unhappily, right? Wrong.

There’s a world of filmmakers across Europe creating films that have delighted audiences across the world with their comedy, tragedy, intelligence and beauty. And we’re bringing some of the best of these films together from across the last decade to Kilkenny in November.

SUBTITLE is the first festival of its kind in Ireland and what better place to host it than the beautiful city of Kilkenny.

So join us this November. Come and see the films, meet the makers and admire the talent!
The SUBTITLE team is looking forward to welcoming you…

Holly Carey
SUBTITLE Artistic Director

Subtitle. Talent written right there on the screen.

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