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European Film Festival, Kilkenny.

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European Film Festival, Kilkenny.

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The Major Dir. Yuri Bykov

  • Russia
  • 99 mins
  • 2013
  • Crime Drama
  • Colour

    Director: Yuri Bykov
    Original Title: Майор
    Language: Russian

    Main Cast: Yuri Bykov, Denis Shvedov, Irina Nizina, Ilya Isaev

    A car driving way above the speed limit on an icy highway causes the death of a small boy. The police major behind the wheel calls his colleagues directly from the scene of the accident and they immediately take steps to cover his tracks. The devastated mother of the child is first falsely charged with drunkenness and neglect, and when the guilty major can’t bring himself to curb the explosion of police despotism prompted by his own cowardice, the boy’s parents’ efforts to obtain justice have a devastating impact on their lives.

    Electric crime drama.


    Like an episode of The Shield transplanted to the snow-swept Russian countryside, writer-director Yuri Bykov’s The Major is a tense, handheld police thriller filled with scores of dirty cops, scenes of abrupt violence and a relentless, overriding sense of nastiness.

    Hollywood Reporter

The Bottom Line:

The Hollywood Reporter couldn’t have put it any better: an intense tale of corrupt cops makes Serpico look like Bambi. Director Yuri Bykov has announced himself as a serious force in international filmmaking. If you like your crime drama hard and uncompromising, then don’t miss this.

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